Real Estate Loan: the novelties of 2011

Traditionally, the start of the year is a good time to make plans. Will this year 2011 be an opportunity for you to acquire real estate? Discover all the news in the field of real estate credit that can facilitate the financing of your acquisition.

Universal Zero Rate Loan

Loan rate

The Zero Rate Loan, the Land Pass and the tax credit on the interest interest on the main residence will disappear in 2011. They will be replaced by the Zero Rate Plus Loan (PTZ +) or Universal PTZ. This Zero Rate Loan is granted without distinction of resources and dedicated exclusively to first-time buyers for the acquisition of their main residence.


Loan insurance 2011

Loan insurance 2011

Thanks to the Lagarde Law system, each borrower can freely choose their loan insurance since September 2010. If the guarantees in the event of death, disability, or unemployment are at least equal to the group insurance offered by the lender, it will therefore be possible to save money by insuring your loan with an independent insurer.


Taxes on real estate gains

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With the reduction of tax loopholes and the likely reform of wealth tax (ISF) and the tax shield, new tax measures should also be implemented on real estate. Taxes on capital gains on real estate (excluding main residence) will increase from 16 to 19% and social security contributions should drop from 12.1 to 12.3%.

From January 2011, the BBC (Low Consumption Building) standard will determine the rate of reduction of the tax benefit under Scellier law. Thus, previously the acquisition of new non-BBC housing to rent under Scellier law, allowed to benefit from the maximum tax reduction rate of 25%. In 2011 all non-BBC real estate purchased under the Scellier system will only be entitled to a reduction of 13%. However, the Scellier law remains as attractive as it will allow to deduct up to 66,000 USD over 9 years or by an authorized extension of 6 additional years, up to 102,000 USD over 15 years, subject to an investment in a BBC program. In this case, the tax reduction rate should be set at 22% in 2011.

In March 2011, after validation by the National Assembly of the amendment proposed by the Senate finance committee on the 2010 finance bill, the reform of the ELP should be validated for main residences. It will involve a revised rate of remuneration per year, a framework for premiums: of $ 1,000 in bonuses from $ 5,000 borrowed, and a limited period for taking out credit.


Still very attractive rates

loan rates

 After the historic drop in rates in 2010, specialists are planning a slight increase in these borrowing rates. On the other hand, this increase should be limited and the year 2011 will remain a very favorable year for borrowers. Opportunities you can take advantage of with Good Lenders Credits experts who will find the most advantageous financing for you.

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